So tonight at my favorite local bar (Roxy’s!), one of the bartenders is having a themed birthday party. The theme is Disney, and you have to dress up! As Disney now owns Star Wars, as well as Marvel,  this allows for some fun crossovers. Being that Belle from Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney princess, I chose to go as Belle…as a Jedi. My hair is in a simple french twist into a low ponytail, and I got the blue ribbon tied in just right (after roughly 6 attempts, ugh). I also made this handy necklace with roses on it. I’m wearing a white button-up shirt and black slacks tucked into my brown piratey leather boots under my Jedi robe (which is actually a monk’s robe, but I was short on time so I did what I could). Garen is trying to go for a Peter Pan look I believe, and my friend Liz is doing a rockabilly Snow White. I’m stoked!

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